Should we let Kaos2323 come back online?


Author Topic: Kaos2323 Ban Appeal  (Read 192 times)


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Kaos2323 Ban Appeal
« on: April 05, 2012, 07:40:46 pm »
For those who may not know, an incident occurred that severely damaged a public project. This post is to determine how the community feels about the incident and what to do with the person involved.

Who (Name and Title of the Person at the time of the incident): Admin Kaos2323

Date of Incident: 4/5/2012

Where: The Public Airport Project

What Happened: During construction of the project, of which this person had helped construct, he had replaced the entire wool strip into the block TNT. Redstone circuitry interacted with the TNT and set off the entire group, resulting in heavy damage and a crater where the strip stood. Out of panic the person shut down the server in an attempt to restrict the blast radius. The resulting conversation outlines and details  an interview with the member.

Skabo55 and I had formulated the following punishment for this act:
  • This person has received an immediate temporary ban at the time of 4/5/2012 @ 3:30 California Time. This Temporary ban will end on Sunday @ 3:30 Pending on the communities vote (Your vote of yea or nea will simply voice your opinion on whether we should let Kaos2323 back on or not, this is not set up to argue the actual plan of the punishment, but your voice does go into consideration) .
  • If the community has decided to allow Kaos2323 back on, he will aid reconstruction/construction of the airport by hand. He will bear the title and permissions of Architect.
  • Until we have decided whether or not to reinstate his permission to moderator or higher, please voice your opinion on this matter.

Please use the following conversation to determine your opinion and afterward, voice a Vote of Yea or Nay to the Plan out lined above.

[3:46:00 PM] Shaed: hey man
[3:46:57 PM] Shaed: I wanna talk the airport incident
[3:58:56 PM] Kaos2323: ok wht abt it?
[3:59:26 PM] Shaed: I have two quesitons and dont lie to me. your integrity is already at stake
[4:00:28 PM] Kaos2323: ik  ive been as truthfull as i could be with skabo i sent him a mssg when it happened
[4:01:06 PM] Shaed: How, exactly did you lay down so much tnt?
[4:01:45 PM] Shaed: ...?
[4:01:53 PM] Shaed: just say it how it is, dont sugar coat it
[4:03:03 PM] Kaos2323: "world edit" this is wht eaxctly went through my stupid mind when this happened  i wanted to place tnt as a giant floor just to make them get nervous  for a little laugh for a sec and then i changed it back, not realizing that their was redstone underthe ground so it blew up that is exactly wht happened
[4:03:26 PM] Kaos2323: then i tried to stop it by stoping the sevrer that didnt work im guising
[4:04:03 PM] Shaed: was the tnt placed by replacing the wool blocks into tnt?
[4:04:25 PM] Shaed: the entire strip?
[4:05:08 PM] Shaed: ?
[4:05:46 PM] Kaos2323: i replaced the the gorund with tnt yes then i tried undoing it
[4:06:52 PM] Shaed: So you intentionally replaced wool blocks into tnt blocks, for the purpose of exercising it as a joke to mess with people correct?
[4:07:42 PM] Kaos2323: yes :(
[4:07:55 PM] Shaed: Does that sound like something a Social Admin should do?
[4:08:58 PM] Kaos2323: heck no i have had a crappy day starting right with that i have been hating my self all day if you can tell with the mssges to skabo and the group
[4:09:33 PM] Shaed: I agree, that would be very bad to me emotionally
[4:09:41 PM] Shaed: I sympathize
[4:09:53 PM] Shaed: I really want you to stay on the server
[4:10:12 PM] Shaed: But i need to make this message clear before i decide what to do with you on a final note
[4:10:17 PM] Shaed: so bear with me
[4:11:16 PM] Shaed: are we ready to proceed?
[4:11:35 PM] Kaos2323: i will understand your dessison and i know it will be final i just want you to understand that i rlly didnt mean it and that i apolize for wht i did
[4:11:50 PM] Shaed: I see that, but i still have to do this
[4:11:56 PM] Kaos2323: i know
[4:11:57 PM] Shaed: so lets continue
[4:12:05 PM] Kaos2323: ok
[4:12:29 PM] Shaed: Have you defamed anything on the forums out of emotional instability?
[4:13:10 PM] Kaos2323: i have not touched one thing in the forum or the website i have pretty much yelled at myself and talked to skabo and the group
[4:13:22 PM] Shaed: Okay.
[4:13:25 PM] Shaed: thats good
[4:13:41 PM] Shaed: calm down, just answer my questions as we go on
[4:13:48 PM] Kaos2323: i was willing to hand over all the websites to skabo
[4:13:57 PM] Shaed: we may have to do that.
[4:14:00 PM] Shaed: im glad your willing
[4:14:44 PM] Shaed: So. There was redstone lamps at the build site. Do you know how redstone lamps are lit...?
[4:15:44 PM] Shaed: kaos?
[4:16:14 PM] Kaos2323: redstone i even helped progaram them
[4:16:33 PM] Shaed: Then how werent you aware of the presence of redstone at the build site?
[4:17:15 PM] Kaos2323: it jumped my mine i wasnt exactly thinking strait at that point if you can tell
[4:18:15 PM] Shaed: I just want to remind you that admins, social or not, cant affor that kind of mistake. They have to be on top of things and be completly aware of the reprecussions of any action. Doubly in that of a project you personally helped build
[4:18:23 PM] Shaed: no response on that please
[4:19:03 PM] Shaed: okay.
[4:19:19 PM] Shaed: You did the right thing by shutting down the server, but not for the reason you may think
[4:19:42 PM] Kaos2323: it was out of how scared i was for it happing
[4:19:52 PM] Kaos2323: i was stunned when it happened
[4:20:53 PM] Kaos2323: it was my fault for not thinking about it and for doing it in the first place
[4:21:25 PM] Kaos2323: im probably a broken record saying the same thing over
[4:21:28 PM] Shaed: The risk of detonating tnt of that scale on a server, smaller ones especially, can put the server on a complete freeze up. Ive seen cases where it took months for a server to process a detonation. your reaction of shutting it down gave it the ability to remove everyone and allow it process more quickly
[4:22:02 PM] Shaed: but thats like saying "yes a nuke went off but no one got hurt at least"
[4:22:53 PM] Shaed: okay.
[4:22:55 PM] Shaed: Now
[4:23:05 PM] Shaed: im gonna let you know the extent of the damage
[4:23:40 PM] Shaed: the spot where the tnt went off was massive.
[4:23:58 PM] Shaed: the crater was 7-10 blocks deep across the length of the runway
[4:24:10 PM] Kaos2323: jesh :(
[4:24:13 PM] Shaed: but thats not the worst of it
[4:24:35 PM] Shaed: all the redstone was destroyed and no one is currently able to fix the runway redstone
[4:24:53 PM] Shaed: the south tower, which had been completed recently, was obliterated
[4:25:12 PM] Shaed: the main building
[4:25:26 PM] Kaos2323: :l crap
[4:25:38 PM] Shaed: sustained heavy damage to the wall facing the explosion, and the farthest edge of the roof was damaged
[4:25:58 PM] Shaed: the floor of the building was also badly damaged
[4:26:53 PM] Kaos2323: if i can make a side note on wht a possible punishment could be is a 48 hour suspension its just a thought or a ban i guess that is a possiable option too. i know i dont have a say im just giving options.
[4:27:08 PM] Shaed: your not giving, your defending
[4:27:17 PM] Shaed: but nonetheless ill consider them
[4:27:54 PM | Edited 4:28:15 PM] Kaos2323: i dont defened any action i did  at most i truely know i do deserver a ban of the server
[4:28:24 PM] Shaed: Anything else i should know that hasnt been already discussed?
[4:29:28 PM] Kaos2323: nope ill can say is i tryed to do a joke and it went wrong and i havnt done anything but apoligize for almost a good portion of the day. -- i hope that summurizes what happened

[Kaos had voted yes for himself and his vote shall be discounted from the total]
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Re: Kaos2323 Ban Appeal
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2012, 07:53:58 pm »
Then please vote accordingly in the poll


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Re: Kaos2323 Ban Appeal
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2012, 07:57:36 pm »
Admin's shouldn't do things like that, but it was just a joke. I think he should be re-admitted, but not as a moderator or administrator.


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Re: Kaos2323 Ban Appeal
« Reply #3 on: April 05, 2012, 07:58:23 pm »
Regarding Kaos, it is my personal opinion that he should be un-banned.

Few reasons:
To begin with he was an admin as far as i know? which would suggest that he was trusted by you to a high standard. I completely understand that he abused that trust and even abused his powers, but it was for fun. Now it makes sense why you should ban someone for such a thing, but it would be a better idea to demote and remove those powers that he was 'abusing'. This would mean he can still be around [as you enjoyed it thats how he made it to admin?] but also have the chance to prove him self

However i completely understand that while it was some 'fun' it doesnt justify what happened.

All in all because i dont know him any more than a couple of hours, but


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Re: Kaos2323 Ban Appeal
« Reply #4 on: April 05, 2012, 08:00:18 pm »
hey lia this isnt looking too good for your side of the vote. Currently the vote is 5 to 0 for alex to come back.


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Re: Kaos2323 Ban Appeal
« Reply #5 on: April 05, 2012, 08:09:32 pm »
Sure, unban him, but don't make him an Admin again (yet). Let him regain trust first.
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Re: Kaos2323 Ban Appeal
« Reply #6 on: April 05, 2012, 08:14:50 pm »
i agree that i should be re-admited but i shouldnt be admin yet until i have proved myself again :l