Author Topic: Preparations and Steps to Creating a Fair Ban Appeal  (Read 79 times)


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Preparations and Steps to Creating a Fair Ban Appeal
« on: April 06, 2012, 07:34:24 pm »
Some people believe that handling their Ban Situation on their own, may have it off better. For those of you that feel that way then most of this can be disregarded. Though it is encouraged to do what will be advised here.

There are 4 states of Ban Appeal responses from the team:

Accepted: The situation has been clarified and your reinstatement to the server will be immediate

Probation: This is only open for those that have brought in a Admin or higher to review the case (Shaed is recommended  :P). This response entails a negotiation, where pending on the severity of the crime, as will the punishment. Normally a community vote will proceed during your temporary ban to determine re-installation. This will be follow by a series of other punishments depending on your crime.

Open Denial: Your Ban Appeal has been denied but is open for another appeal 2 weeks after the response from the Admin. Failure to Respect the window will result in a automatic Closed Denial.

Closed Denial: You are banned forever. There is no hope, so I suggest you move on.

Preparations and Steps to Creating a Fair Ban Appeal:

- Request a fair review from Shaed or Skabo55
- Bring up any and all relevant screen shots and chat information to light, however, the entirety of the situation must be shown (no taking        things out of context).
- Explain, in an honest manner, how the situation went down and how you felt and reacted to it.
- Be prepared to receive negotiations on how your particular ban may be processed (Negotiations will only be considered for those that take    a request of fair review AND your ban seems likely to be lifted.)
- Be prepared to take a poll from the community on your situation
- Do NOT try to over exaggerate your position/view point/reasons to defend your self, as it may prove to be more destructive rather than helpful
- Do NOT lie at any point of your ban appeal, any signs or reasonable doubt of your story will result in an automatic denial in your appeal.
- Do NOT get in any altercations of a major scale with the community
- It is STRONGLY advised to not post anywhere else on the forums other than your appeal while it is being processed
- Sit tight, be patient and try to make mends with those around you. This is a family of friends after all! :)


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