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I am sorry for how i acted toward you today on skype i myself was a little provoked by your attitude to my friend and cousin kaos2323. I revoke all that i said including that of what i said about your boat. i will post the whole conversation for people to critisize me and hate me for how i treated you but i will deal with it.
       Again, I am sorry for how i treated you and hope you forgive me.

[7:03:11 PM] Solas||GFX||PM me: who is this?
[7:04:28 PM] Ryan Voss: noobsmasher >:D
[7:05:04 PM] Ryan Voss: im still mad at you for jailing me for trying to help you
[7:05:17 PM] Ryan Voss: oh and by the way your boat sucks ass
[7:05:29 PM] Solas||GFX||PM me: :(
[7:05:47 PM] Solas||GFX||PM me: screen shotted
[7:05:56 PM] Ryan Voss: what your boat?
[7:06:15 PM] Ryan Voss: you dont wanna keep a picture of that.
[7:06:23 PM] Ryan Voss: trust me
[7:06:43 PM] Ryan Voss: oh and skabo said to me when you were building it tthat it looked bad too
[7:10:33 PM] Solas||GFX||PM me: btw you just got banned im gonna show the screen shot
[7:10:44 PM] Ryan Voss: lol
[7:10:47 PM] Ryan Voss: ok
[7:10:52 PM] Ryan Voss: banned for what?
[7:11:08 PM] Solas||GFX||PM me: abusive on skype
[7:11:09 PM] Ryan Voss: saying your boat was bad
[7:11:11 PM] Ryan Voss: ?
[7:11:24 PM] Solas||GFX||PM me: bad and sucks ass is diffrent
[7:11:35 PM] Solas||GFX||PM me: block now
[7:11:52 PM] Ryan Voss: abusive on skype? HAHAHAHA you think this is my abuisive? you make me laugh
[7:12:41 PM] Solas||GFX||PM me: blocked
[7:13:03 PM] Ryan Voss: sorry for stating my opinion
[7:13:45 PM] Ryan Voss: ok try and get me mad? cmon, do it.
[7:14:25 PM] Solas||GFX||PM me: no thanks Im a mature person
[7:14:58 PM] Ryan Voss: really?
[7:15:17 PM] Ryan Voss: last time i checked you got heated about water?
[7:15:32 PM] Ryan Voss: being taken out of a boat.IN A GAME
[7:18:32 PM] Ryan Voss: did you even know that all of the builders forgive alex and dont give a **** about what he did? hmm? yea thats a no, because you're so quick to judge people with 1 fragment of facts
[7:21:21 PM] Solas||GFX||PM me: you said my work is **** why did Ska bring my hotel into the new world
[7:22:10 PM] Ryan Voss: i only said the boat was **** which was all i saw
[7:22:35 PM] Ryan Voss: [7:05 PM] Ryan Voss:

<<< oh and by the way your boat sucks ass
[7:22:42 PM] Ryan Voss: thats all i said

I'm gonna go ahead and say this. You had no right to criticise him the way you did.

That's all.

Don't flame or you'll be banned, it's a simple rule that you broke.
Kaos made a stupid decision, of course he was criticised for it. You don't have to defend him when he made such a stupid mistake.

i said im sorry and what do you expect from family?Do people normally just step aside while their family is being critisized?

hey leave me out of this, it was his choice to do this i wasnt apart of making him saying this

First of all you posted in the wrong section, inapropriate action, and continuous acts of immaturity and poor attitude.


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