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How to run 2Wicky?...our creative flatmap.


Some issues have arisen when it comes to 2wicky or any future creative maps. How can we enable players to use this map without breaking the other maps or exploiting resources.

My ideas:
1. Players by default will NOT have fly turned on in 2Wicky.
2. Multiverse inventories should be our 1st line of defense. This will keep inventories locked to specific maps. That way player cant cheat their use of resources to another map. Also, we can link certain world to have shared inventories, so that players dont have to start over every single map.
3. Donators will be able to fly...
4. Have admin shops with little to no cost for materials around /warp center. This way we dont have to give players perms like /i or /gm
5. Utilize carefully laid out plots and sell deeds in the different areas (Low-bit Gardens(pixel park), Giants Row(giant statue park), Westgate Village, Redstone North, Epic East, and Sportscenter South) This way we can have a nice looking creative map we can all be proud of.

I hope I covered all of it, but if there is something i missed then please comment.

Sounds good, but I think redstone north should be no plots, just build in a free space, say... 10 blocks away from anyone else's creation


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