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More jobs~~


We should include more random jobs that doesn't have to as legit as architect, redstone engineer, or admins. But just miscellaneous types of jobs that other people can enjoy acclaiming a title for. Plus this will also make non specialists in required field more connected and interested in this server. They will each acquire unique powers that best suit the title. Of course, the powers will be subject to change if one chose to abuse such powers or if the power becomes too over powered and destroys the balance of the game. The applications of miscellaneous will start when this topic is approved.

Also, a devastating tragedy has happened yesterday, an enderman invaded our village from the minefield and destroyed known amounts of blocks and took the life of bobatime128. Let us have a moment of silence for this tragedy and remember this day as the day of Boba. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -King of Miscellaneous

Ohh my bobatime! There is some jobs you can do on the creative map in regards to roads and parks. I feel like I might open the server for fun this weekend. So there will be lotsa of new people soon.

haha ok thx


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