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Role-Play World - Needs Builders, and someone committed to helping me run it.

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So Far this is what I got as far as staff will help.

Varls <--- Staff Member/ Mod/Admin - You will be involved in dungeon making and anything else you want to help on. This includes builds, roads,  & signage (your good at that).

Plaid <----Your lead tester - You get to test the game and play in it. Since you are you will have limited world knowledge. You will be versed in the lore enough to lead a faction or act as a main character such as king. Enjoy :D

Skillgasm <---Development Staff - your part of the idea creation team. Your job will be to look for interesting additions to the game play and help staff find locations for dungeons and questing areas.

Fixer <----If your still around you can join in the game development staff. Thus taking part in the development of the gameplay and game environment.  In-Construction you would act as a team leader and lead your own group of builders.

I have some more specifics about the Role Playing game being made here. TITLE STILL SUBJECT TO CREATION :DDD

This experiment in RPG is aimed at creating an enjoyable immersive experience for 20-40 active players. Dungeons and Dragons is a heavy influence on the game-system. We will be using a predetermined guideline to create a themed world open to story interpretation. The players would be able to write story that would fit and be implemented into gameplay.

Players would create characters that build and control their environment. NPCs and "secondary cohorts" can be available for RP hire. Thus enabling characters to control groups of people(NPC)s to use in any RP way.

The game will use minimal plug-in interference. And a mod-player relationship is the sole interaction needed for character adjustments and upgrades. We will be willing to work with mod-development to host a unique mod for craftbukkit.

We will feature(This list is subject to modification):
- Ship to ship PVP
- Royalist vs Pirate Factions
- Fantasy Races (Halflings,Dwarves,Elves,Gnomes,Zombies,Kuo-Toa)
- Dungeons, Events, Sieges
- Huge List of Character Options
- Guilds, charters, and permits

Personally I'm best with being a Gamemaster and Mapmaker. Thus I would be acting as a king or god providing help to players when needed. Also creating Dungeons and Instances for players to quest through.

Jobs I need filled would be:
- Mod-Development/Permissions Editor
- Redstone Engineer
- Questing Group/Events Moderators
- Lead Architect
- Economy Moderator
- Faction Moderators


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