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Role-Play World - Needs Builders, and someone committed to helping me run it.

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I'll be a faction leader as well if you need me

For the early games its okay that staff are leaders. But in the later, I prefer that staff do not take direct leadership of games. Why? Because it robs the players of an opportunity to play at their full potential. Plus it looks bad on us. I say you can play, but only as a grunt.

FIXER, are you still cleaning up the map? Id say take your time and make it as detailed as possible. Add more natural hills and undulations. Let me know when its done and we can get it set up.

Skillgasm: I'll add you in a second.

Skabo: Yeah I agree with you there, and also, I think i'm going to make another copy of that map. except maybe twice as big.

Skab, keep in mind that I'm not really Staff at this point in time. I'm really a terraformer on consign (Basically only when you need me) and I run the forums. This does not limit me from playing in a leadership position on the RP world, as you know that we need some good leadership on those.

My advice would be to have me as the faction leader until a suitable replacement should appear. In this instance, we would RP my character's death/resignation/exile.

Lol plaid, good point tho. Well you can be a leader if you choose to be of a player rank. When we need you for terraforms you can be changed back to terraformer. But like I said above, right now its not a big deal...


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