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Role-Play World - Needs Builders, and someone committed to helping me run it.

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 So my idea is this:
From the HubCity Airport, you can take the portal to the RP world. The story for this RP I"m not quite certain of yet. But I'm leaning towards making the Capital/spawn city be the major objective for all factions to reach. I want all shops to be user created, and in the spawn city. No infinite "Admin Shops". I want a working economy system.

Next, I'm thinking that players will be able to create factions on their own, but they have to post on the forum with sufficient lore and what have you  before it is approved. This may make some new players dissappointed, but it will encourage using the forum, as well as making sure we have quality factions devoted to role playing, not "xXthe killersXx- We rule"
There should probably be a cap on the amount of factions we allow as well.

Besides the spawn, I want all citys to be player created, or at least, we could build a town hall for a faction, then the players will expand from there. This would work much better if we decide to have pre-set factions, not the ability to create your own. Both have pro's and con's.

I can start working on a map in World Painter, but i want to make sure people are willing to build the capital, and maybe a few ruins, dungeons along the way.

If you are interested in helping out, reply to this topic!

I'll definetly help build the world. Count me in!

Cool, feel free to post any ideas you have here as well.

You know me, I'll be a faction leader/ I'll help with the RP staff.

I can definitely help you here.

With the story as well as building.

Add me on Skype: Skillgasm

Or PM me a preferred method of communication.


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