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Server Announcements / How to Apply for a Faction Charter.
« Last post by skabo55 on October 25, 2012, 02:03:48 am »
What you need to Start a House (Faction)

1.  A well-thought out House/Clan/Guild (faction) Name and concept.

Aren't you tired of Faction servers with silly faction names and incomplete descriptions? Haven't you wanted to see Factions work to create armies of players? This is the main reason for having this house application system. When creating a faction, make it sound believable, make it EPIC, make it something fun that you will enjoy representing. The best Houses/Clans/Guilds come up with not only a name, but a logo, a shield design, and even House/Clan/Guild  colors and patterns.

2.  A set of laws for your new House/Clan/Guild (faction)

Create a set of edicts and laws for your members to follow. This will tell potential new recruits how things are run. If you are particularly power hungry, make a complex set of laws, each with punishments and consequences for breaking any rules. The minimum requirement is 3 laws. There is no maximum when it comes to forming laws.
As an added bonus, your set of laws could include a constitution with the core principle guidelines of your great House/Clan/Guild (faction)

3.  A minimum of 3 players. ($800 Deposit)

After a faction concept is devised two other players need to show their activity on the forums with simple bumping posts.

The first bump is called a "second"

The faction application must be seconded (application replied with a post from seconding player) by an active player; for any chance to be reviewed by application moderators. This must be posted with an $800 non-refundable deposit. The $800 deposit may only be given to admins, as this will be the official acceptance of your seriousness and dedication to creating a House/Clan/Guild (faction)

The second bump is called a "submission"

The faction application thread then must be officially submitted by a different active member of the server. This must happen before application moderators can officially accept your application. So without 2 others posting in your behalf, one could not possibly get their faction approved.

4. Lastly the amount of $2500 is required to receive an official charter for House/Clan/Guild-ship. This price includes the deposit made from the seconder of the faction application. So in essence this step requires only $1700 in addition to the deposit.

Once all 4 of these prerequisites are met, you will own yourself a faction amongst the many great factions of the DeadlandZ
Server Announcements / PMC & MCF Friendly Posts
« Last post by skabo55 on October 19, 2012, 11:06:38 pm »

- Intro -

DeadlandZ is a part of our server at LAX Gaming.  We are 24/7 have 8 gigs of ram and 64 slots for players to join. Were are running craftbukkit 1.4.2 on the latest dev builds available. DeadlandZ is a survival world with filled with hoards of zombies! Guide your character into the darkness with additional powers using MCMMO. Forge powerful Houses/Clans/Guilds using FACTIONS. Soon to have mobArenas, and other fun plug-ins.


The Spawn Map

# of spawn map

When you first log-in to our server, you arrive to our floating isles where you can learn about in-game plugins, read tutorials, and learn the server-wide rules. Once your ready to commit to one of our many games, you step through one of our portals which brings you to DeadlandZ spawn.

DeadlandZ Spawn

Once you arrive to DeadlandZ you will be able to buy some rations and tools in the town. You can buy a drink at the tavern, or even spend the night for free.

DeadlandZ Handcrafted Map

The world is around x x x big, and has been 100% custom made by me, Obsidian Glen.




1) Dont ask for op, staff, mod, or admin.

2) Dont ask for items, we all play fair on our servers. Even mods may be banned for breaking this rule in excess.

3) No Griefing Spawn, Vanilla, or Creative maps

4) Respect other players, especially the admins. (If an admin tells you stop, you stop and listen. No arguing)

5) No homophobic, racial, or sexist language. We are here to have laughs, not to flame.

6) No cheats/hacks (no x-ray)

7) Absolutely NO GRIEFING signs, admin shops, spawn areas, or staff builds.

8) Build to your ABSOLUTE best ability. Repeated offences may result in banishment.

9) Dont use any plugins not stated in the rules areas. If you are caught trying to hack Permissions, Essentials, or any other admin only plugins, you WILL be INSTABANNED!

10) Use your common sense, If you are unsure of anything ask and admin, or dont do it! If you think it might be wrong, forget it!

8 Gb
64 player slots
Based out of Los Angeles, CA

Server Announcements / DeadlandZ Advertising Thread
« Last post by skabo55 on October 19, 2012, 10:52:55 pm »
Made this thread for all DeadlandZ related media/advertisements/signatures.
Road to Bara-Kur / Supplimental Lore & Concept Art
« Last post by skabo55 on October 10, 2012, 03:10:06 am »
Below I will posting all the lore ideas and concept art for specifically Bara-Kur. Hope you enjoy :D !!!

Great Lore from a card game that I play! Kithkin exemplify how the hobbits in my world acts.
Server Support / Some helpful advice for any prospective moderators
« Last post by skabo55 on October 09, 2012, 09:49:06 am »
Lore & History / Races in Abrynis
« Last post by skabo55 on October 08, 2012, 10:03:00 pm »
Abrynis is a colorful world, where characters of different races can commonly interact with other races albeit sometime makes for intresting situations.

Most races have a homeland to call their own. Others are a race still looking for a homeland. This will be detailed in the character creation boards. This way players will have a seperate intro wiki for the races so they can make their choice wisely.

Races include

- Dragonborn
- Dwarves
- Elves
- Gnomes
- Half-Elemental
- Half-Elf
- Halfling
- Human
- Tiefling
Staff Applications / Ninniy116's Moderator app
« Last post by Ninniy116 on October 05, 2012, 09:07:28 pm »
IGN: ninniy116
Age: 16 , don't judge
Tell us about yourself: I'm awesome with signs :3
What experience do you have moderating/admin/gamemastering?: Admin -3 mod-2
What is your knowledge level of using different server plug-ins?: I have used many plugins. High experience.
How many hours can you provide to the server?: About 4-7 on the weekends, 3-5 on the weekdays.
What time zone do you live in?: EST. Eastern Standard Time.
Will you be able to handle stressful situations?: Yes. Been in them before.
Will you enforce the rules without being aggressive?: Yes. "Please, no rule breaking."

- The epic one with signs
Kis'yl System Campaign / ** TURN 3 **
« Last post by skabo55 on October 03, 2012, 07:57:36 pm »

Got The Graphics done for Orks and Nids...eldar + tau still to go. But here is turn 3 board :D
Kis'yl System Campaign / Re: Game Rounds
« Last post by HiveMind on October 03, 2012, 05:06:53 pm »
Hive Fleet Kraken - Turn 3

"They are coming! I feel them scratching inside my mind, scratching, screaming, running, so many - so, so many voices. They are coming for us - flesh, body and soul!"

Fleet Phase:
 - Split into two tendrils
 - Tendril Alpha (with Hive Boss) 10k pts moves 1 space bottom-left
 - Tendril Beta with 7k pts moves 1 space up-right

Assault Phase:
 - No Action

Reinforcement Phase:
 - No Action
Kis'yl System Campaign / Re: Game Rounds
« Last post by LucasCampbell on October 03, 2012, 05:01:41 pm »
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