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Svinka, land of the Lightfoots. Lightfoot Halflings have come a long way from their nomad origins. Not long ago they gathered in the leadership of a wise mage. Together they formed a nation based on a free market system. The First settlers of Svinka laid down the plans for a great society. Today their children and grandchildren are left with the responsibility to continue the legacy of the Svinkin.

Brindonsford- is the capital of the Halfling province of Svinka. It lies in the heartland of the Halfling nation, and serves as a major foodstuff hub for the Svinkin. The streets of Brindonford are wide, and the fields large. Most of the Svinkin live here in the city proper and work in the fields around Brindonsford. Brinidonsford established a Public Library, and has the largest collection of books in all of Svinka. The city's many markets sell a variety of wares ranging from imported wood to Dwarven made tools. Citizens of Brindonsford enjoy a public welfare system using vouchers for a weekly supply of bread. The youth is enrolled in public education, and the Svinka College provides education in engineering and architecture. The city features clean running water, and a sewer system. Residents of Brindonford truely live off the fat of the land.

Hvarleif - is a small hamlet overlooking lush seacliffs north of Brindonford. Hvarleif acts as a Svinkin freeport into the Bay of Giants, which leads eventually into the treacherous Ryjurik coastline. Only the most adventurous sailors and fisherman use these docks, who usually embark from the Whitewolf Inn. A small shrine to (Bocobb)Uller, lord of the source (source = laylines, magical connection, the bridge between the magical and the real), is located outside of town. As well as a small church of Venca, godess of the dead.

Leipvika - is a new start up community of foreign traders and Svinkin workers. The village was constructed over an ancient fort, and marks the southern border of Svinka. To the south are Dwarven lands of Bara-Kur. Recent trade charters made with rogue dwarf entrepreneurs have opened up the market, creating a new age of prosperity. This border town has become a boom town with all of its major imports being shipped to Brindonsford.
 The town hosts two temples: Garlagin(Helios) & Sera. An up-and-coming guildhall named the Uldvinka Trade Co. has set up operations in the city, and control the daily trades made in-town and out.


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