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Deities of Abrynis
« on: June 10, 2012, 03:24:47 am »

      In the Beginning of Ages...


      The Age of Magus (GENESIS)

      The Age of (ANCIENTS/ELDAR)air

      The Age of  (ICE AGE/DWARVES)water

The Age of Dragons was ruled by Bahamut, bringing knowledge of math and science with him. Bahamut rebuilt the world out of Fire. It is said Bahamut sprinkled his golden riches strait into a molten Abrynis. Bahamut shaped beings to rule over his world in his own image. The mighty Thoht Council ruled the lands and skies of the world for over 700 years. The world was brought to an end by Tiamat, who spawned mixed floods by sea and rain, and thus destroyed the world of knowledge and the science once again.

The Age of Bulls was ruled by Brenna. Humans were first created out of the mud of the receeding floodwaters. This was a time of re-settlement and growth. Hamlets grew into villages, which grew into towns, which grew into powerful city-states. Kingdoms rose and fell, armies clashed in many battles. Demi-gods lived and died in this chaotic time. A son of Brenna rose to live amongst the mortal people. Unfortunately the mortals, in their very primitive ways, tortured and killed Brenna's son. This act left her little hope for a future and she turned her warm smile away from the world. The world grew damp and cold, Dark gods unleashed demons and devils upon the world. Their unholy battles manifested into our existence.

When Brenna turned her back on Abrynis; dark god plotted to rise from under the world's depths. The most infamous god, Azerai, raised the spellplauge which destroyed much of the worlds old knowledge. The world lingered in a hellish limbo for quite some time...the Gods eventually gave into Azerai's demands and let him have a seat on the council. The spellplauge faded, yet the world was left infested with monsters and creatures. The ancient races fled. Elves began their retreat, dwarves once again locked up their halls. It was left to the humans to rise up and challenge their surrounding chaos. A prophecy told by Haelyn says that a mighty king of the humans will be king of kings and rise up to challenge Graz'zt himself. The prophecy seems as a hoax. The human kings are divided and scattered.

(It is said the measure of danger can be judged by the breath of a great hall's doors. -gibly sommerfoot)

## Divine Hierarchy ##
--Major Deities--

Magus - Father of the Chaos/Thunder God

Venca - Maiden of Dead Loved Ones/Goddess of Secrets

Pelor - Father of Summer/God of the Sun & Light, The Morninglord <--taken by Plaidsox

Estelana - Maiden of Voyages/Goddess of the Starry-Skies/Moon Goddess

Silvanus- Protector of the Wild/ The Benevolent Guardian/ The Shalm of the Wood<--- Taken by Samoblivian

Eratha - The Great Mother, the Grain Goddess, Earthmother, Fertility Goddess

The Seladrine - Council of Elders/Creators of the Weave/Father of Elves

Brenna - Goddess of Luck/ Maiden of Weath & Prosperity.

Darsys - Goddess of the Underworld/Maiden of the Sorrow

Haelyn - God of the 4 winds/Traveller's Guardian/God of Roads/Messenger of the Gods

Boreas - God of Frost & Stone/ The Winter King/ Lord of Frost-Giants

Bane - God of War/The Blood God/God of Slaughter

--Minor Deities--
  • Lysander -  Protector of Law. The Justicar Lord. The Hand of Justice
  • Nar - God of Strength,The Beastlord
  • Azerai - God of Shadows, The Great Destroyer, The Lord of Darkness <--- Taken by DrKephrin
  • Kr'raal - God of Slaughter/One-Eyed Elf Slayer
  • Mol-Qorri -The Spider Queen/Goddess of the Demonweb
  • Serath - Watcher of Elysium/Guardian of the Aether

--Genasi Lords--
Aredvi - Genie of Earth
Abon-Zhor- Genie of Water
Eban-Yast- Genie of Winds
Ahura-Atar- Genie of Fire

--Dragon Gods--
Bahamut - The Silver Dragon
Tiamat - The Eater of Worlds, the harbinger of apocalypse[/list][/list]
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Re: Deities of Abrynis
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2012, 02:25:36 pm »
New Ideas for the Pantheon!!

Since I want to color the lore of all aspects of the game, I'd like to involve the gods in the months of the year, days of the week. Here is a laundry list of examples.

When Pelor is farthest away from the world the darkness of Venca holds sway over the world. Eventually Venca leaves Abrynis in a wake of silence. The fires of civilization are lit by Estelana, the explorer. Thus the eldar court of Seladrine creates law. Brenna arrives with prosperity. Gradually the forces of Eratha gain power as Pelor returns from his crusade. The yearly reign of Pelor brings much wealth and prosperity to his court, but every year his prodigal son, Silvannus, succumbs to the divine sacrifice to save all life on Abrynis. Thus begins the weeping of Erathas, when untended fields fall fallow. This marks when Haelyn returns from his yearly journey to announce the return of the Winter Court. When the court arrives in full force, Darsys carries out the morbid task of freeing the dead from their bodies; clearing the lands for winter's hold. The Winter King, Boreas, thus takes his claim over Abrynis. When Pelor is farthest away from Abrynis, Boreas sends forth his half-son Bane, who betrays his master in revenge for his mothers death. Chaos ensues and Venca is allowed to walk Abrynis with her first lover, Magus, for two moons.

- Jan
- Feb
- March
- April
- May
- June
- July
- Aug
- Sept
- Oct
- Nov
- Dec

3 months = 1 Abrynis Year
1 week = 1 Abrynis Month
6 hrs = 1 Abrynis Day
3.5 hours of day, 2.5 hours of night (for gaming purposes)
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