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Nations of Abrynis
« on: November 08, 2012, 12:45:49 am »

- Anduria ( Andu, Andurian) Is the term for the entire "european" continent. The Andu were the people who settled this lands from a long voyage across the seas.

are all allied together as common society

- Endier

The Trading Hub of the Andurian Continent. The is low-lying city-state is wealthy in terms of international holdings. This is the main economic power of the [Aerelian Alliance]. Along with Aerele, the two powers hold dominance in Andu-Brectu Politics.
((Modeled after Amsterdam & Denmark & Modern Wealth))

- Kithkin Allies

The Kithkin are a nomadic tribe of lightfoots who have adopted a regimented lifestyle after the destruction of their homes. Now residing in outer Aerele and Brectany, the lightfoots gather their numbers again.
((Based on my Magic Deck. I need to play more magic :/))

- Baruk-Azhik Clans

Baruk-Akhik is the frontline defense against the forces of shadow and chaos. Their Might is among the mightiest of the dwarven clans.

- Sonnegard

The horseback kingdom who is wholey devoted to the Summer Court of gods. Their pious nature makes their armies strong.
((Germany, Castilian Spain))

- Aerele

((Northern France, English))

- Avanil

Remnants of the old empire still remain within the borders of Avanil. Avanil was founded recently by the strong will of Marcus Avan, decedent of the Imperial Guard. Since his rule has seized tradition in favor of blind justice. The empire had been in decline for years however and left a decayed empty shell when the last Emperor Marius Roele died in battle.
((A reforming of America (americans)))

are at war with no one

- Ultheievel Moon Elves
((mixed with dark elves, haunted by undead ghosts and spirits. Highly Magical))

- Brectany
((Halskaapa, Svinik, Rjuvik,Uldvika,Muden,Massenmarch. Norse))

- Aelvinheievel Moon Elves
The first eldarin what humans co-existed with. These elves have now adopted much of the same customs that Adnu Humans have and co-exist almost as one with the kingdoms. Yet a few Aelvinheievel live on isolated swamps of the coast in Miere Rhuann, the sea of storms.

- Selheievel Sun Elves
Once Friendly to Mankind, these Eldarin Now exist on the brink of existence. Their homelands are a battleground as they exist and feel heavily burdened by the occupation

- Bara-Kur Clans
The dwarf clans of the south live in a giant rift. Their underhomes are besieged by demons and have such grown accustomed to dealing with them. These dwarves are very suspicious of outsiders and protect their lands fiercely.

- Karak-Azur Clans
This collection of dwarf clans live near the northern Brectur Peaks. They are accustomed to cold, and occasionally venture onto the surface for hunts. These dwarves tend to be left alone due to Brectan policy of isolationism.

- Yelaviski East

- Maelkin Hairfoots

- Kel-Sulenkal Klans

Are at war with everyone

- Shadowmoore (mistmoore)

- Vosgardia

- Tuarheievel Mixed Elves

- Mur-Kilad Clans

- Chimera's Crown

- The Spiderfell

- Illumabraight Sun Elves

- Jankapa Isles (pirates)

- Silverglen (land of the white which)

- The Gnoll Fells

- Giantdowns

- Kal-Dakka Klans


Mixed/Human: 8

Dwarven: 4

Elven: 4


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