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Re: The Demon Den
« on: June 21, 2012, 01:54:07 pm »
Name: mightyjake
Suggestion Title: Obelisks and Monoliths
Description: Obelisks are obsidian towers which can range in size from house-height, to the clouds. They act as portals so that Demons can warp back and forward from the Human realm, to the Demon realm.

They grow in size over time and bigger Obelisks can carry more beings of a greater size through them. They have Netherrack roots which corrupt the land by absorbing ALL living energy. In there wake they turn areas of land into Soul Sand and create lava pools (bigger Obelisks produce lava lakes!).  Those either brave or foolish enough to stray into an Obelisk may feel that their own life is being "sucked" out.

Monoliths can be spawned by larger Obelisks and act as "seeds" for Obelisks. Over time, that Monolith can grow and produce more Monoliths! Unkempt Obelisks can soon turn into a massive cluster of Obelisks.

 Obelisks are not indestructible. Destroying these gargantuan structures takes dedication, great strength and an iron will. Many heroes have amassed to stop the Obelisks and many have failed. Perhaps one day... one hero or guild will rise and end the blight of the Demon Hoard.
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