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This is a thread which will completely revolve around Demonic Lore and what the effects of them (and their disciples) could have on the server.

Please feel free to add, correct or elaborate on anything that I may say, as well as other people.

IDEA LIST:Obelisks and Monoliths : mightyjake

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Name: mightyjake
Suggestion Title: Obelisks and Monoliths
Description: Obelisks are obsidian towers which can range in size from house-height, to the clouds. They act as portals so that Demons can warp back and forward from the Human realm, to the Demon realm.

They grow in size over time and bigger Obelisks can carry more beings of a greater size through them. They have Netherrack roots which corrupt the land by absorbing ALL living energy. In there wake they turn areas of land into Soul Sand and create lava pools (bigger Obelisks produce lava lakes!).  Those either brave or foolish enough to stray into an Obelisk may feel that their own life is being "sucked" out.

Monoliths can be spawned by larger Obelisks and act as "seeds" for Obelisks. Over time, that Monolith can grow and produce more Monoliths! Unkempt Obelisks can soon turn into a massive cluster of Obelisks.

 Obelisks are not indestructible. Destroying these gargantuan structures takes dedication, great strength and an iron will. Many heroes have amassed to stop the Obelisks and many have failed. Perhaps one day... one hero or guild will rise and end the blight of the Demon Hoard.

Name: mightyjake
Suggestion Title: The first Demons
Description: In the dark days, Azerai released thousands, possibly millions of Demons throughout Abrynis... Most were small and weak creatures but few, like Vlaas the Corrupter and Dorgesh the Devourer, still roam the abyss. It is believed that less than one hundred Demons are still in Abrynis due to the fact that many lesser Demons were killed by greater Demons or slain by ancient Heroes and Martyrs.

      Rumour has it that the Demons will one day take over Abrynis in an event called the "Cataclysm" where great fang-like Obelisks shall erupt from the earth and the sun will be enveloped by dark breath of Azerai...


Name: Mightyjake (again, big shock here.)
Suggestion Title: The effects of Corruption and the Taint.
Description: Two effects that are very eminent round Obelisks and in the Abyss are Corruption and the demonic Taint.

Corruption more directly affects the land. It drains all life from the soil turning it into a strange mud, reeking of death and decay. Corrupted land can be reverted with magic or Druidic power, slowly returning the life to the earth. The effects on Humanoids are very slight. You would have to spend days, weeks or even months before the Corruption can manifest itself in a living being. Although, it is much more difficult to revert the effects on corrupted tissue. Very few have been foolish enough to stay within Corrupted land for any serious length of time, but after a while, they go insane, unable to control their own bodies and unable to live out with the corruption. The eventually become a "Husk". A human form whose soul has corrupted and gone to Azerai himself. These Husks are sometimes found following their demonic masters, adhering to their every command.

The Taint is a disease caused by extreme exposure to high density corruption. Fortunately, such masses of corruption can only be found in the deepest groves of the Abyss. The very unfortunate few to have experienced this suffer greatly. Their soul is also corrupted, but to such a level that it becomes a demon soul! Most of the afflicted appear like themselves in most ways to begin, but eventually go through a slow demonic metamorphism and become Demons themselves... These new Demons are much weaker than their pure-bred counterparts, but are still superior to their old selves in almost every way.


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