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I would like to apply as a Builder and could supply worldedit blueprints instead of working on your actual server. This would allow me to complete the project without interfering with your server map. When it is completed you can see on my private server. If this sounds apeasing please check out my small gaming arena on my server and you can have a copy to go with until I make something bigger or you may like the one I already have. I can make anything you want without you needing to trust your restrictions with me on your server. I am happy to share my builds with you and your community.

I hope I can serve this community. I live to serve others as best as I can.

Hey yeah this offer sounds nice! We do have a need for mob/pvp arenas we will be implementing as plugins are updated.

Add me on skype

or if you leave me with the best way of contacting you.

thank you for your interest in the server!


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