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Owner/CEO: SKABO55

Administrator: Pre-Requisite is Director and to be handpicked

Director/Global Moderator: Hand Picked to lead the Mods & Make Server wide decisions

Lead Architect Will have the final say in what looks good. Orders and manages Architects and Redstone Techs. to create a major builds. Has to be extremely professional at building realistic buildings and interiors.

Architect - Are the workhorses of buildings in the server. Must lead Junior Staff in constructing buildings. Must have knowledge with worldEdit. Is responsible to catalog and plan out structures, blocks, urban areas, village, towns, cities, etc.

Redstone Technician Knowledge of Redstone needed. You must be well versed in this field.

Knowledge both in Voxel Sniper & World Edit. Can balance between minecrafty & natural looking terrain. Workhorse of major terrain edits. Will lead urban beautification.
Journeyman Terraformer - Knowledge of terraforming with WorldEdit. Use of Voxel Lite. Handcrafted terrain editing. Must take orders from more senior terraformers. Also will be the landscape artist in urban locations.

Moderator: Will take care of players' needs and enforce the rules.

Junior Staff - Are to listen to other staff members. Must follow orders to the letter. Must not start their own projects without approval. Must learn how to build edifices, and pattern art. Everything you make is by hand.

You must be 15 to apply for LAX staff and/or have a current member personally recommend you. In which case, we will run you through a special program.
Append the General Application to the sub-job you specifically want.
General Application (THIS SECTION IS MANDATORY):

Tell us about yourself:

What experience do you have moderating/admin/gamemastering?:
What is your knowledge level of using different server plug-ins?:
How many hours can you provide to the server?:
What time zone do you live in?:
Will you be able to handle stressful situations?:
Will you enforce the rules without being aggressive?:

What experience do you have in this field?:
Are you better at interior or exterior building?:
How long have you built creatively in minecraft?:
Are you willing to change and/or revise your builds?:
Provide a photo or video of your best projects:

How intrested are you in Geology/Geography?:
What experience do you have in Voxel Sniper?:
Have you ever designed a map?:
Are you familiar World Painter?:
Can you follow directions from both architects and admins?:
Provide us an example of your WorldPaint/Voxel/MapPainting:

*Redstone Technician*
What experience do you have with redstone?
What experience do you have in Electronics/Physics/Technology?:
Will you be able to interact and construct well with the Architects?:
Would you mind creating and experimenting with redstone circuitry in your boredom?:

-Do you swear, to never abuse your powers, to never act out in a way that may cause harm, be it intentional or not -- that your first and foremost priority is the well being of that of the server, its people and maintaining an air of friendliness. You also may be called upon to use your skills to help community members in their builds and may help them only with patience and understanding. After agreeing to these terms, you agree to the right that any infringement of these rules grant us the right to do as we wish in punishment and examination.

- To be even considered as staff you must Include: "Chiptune" at the END of your application.

A message from Obsidian Glen...

We at LAX MC_Gaming are looking to create a top notch world with individuals who have talent and something new and unique to offer us. Please understand if you are not picked, it is not an insult to you at all. But we would still enjoy your company as a game tester.
ADDITIONALLY: NO New staff members will be accepted unless they show proof of their work out of the server. Not in-game. We can no longer have tryouts. If you want to be staff provide us an example with a photo or video.
On behalf of the staff at LAX Gaming we thank you for your commitment and dedication.
-Obsidian Glen, Out


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