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Tell us about yourself:
I am from Poland, but I moved to England at age of 7/8 (On day of my birthday) since then I live here.
I am part of SpyroDev which make plugins for Bukkit and look to expand it further than that!
Really, I do not know what to say about myself as this question is not really specific, I can tell you that I got a leg and that
would be an answer. But I see about what you mean, and so I have answered above.

What experience do you have moderating/admin/gamemastering?:
I am very experienced with moderating servers and administrating them too.
I used to own my own server, and I'm in progress of making (maybe) a new one with the plugin I am doing at the moment.

What is your knowledge level of using different server plug-ins?:
I'm knowledgeable of all key plugins in most of Bukkit servers, I myself am a plugin developer.
So my 'level'? Advanced.

How many hours can you provide to the server?:
As many as needed, about 2 - 6.

What time zone do you live in?:

Will you be able to handle stressful situations?:
I think I can, but depends what is meant by 'stressful'.
If you mean: "Sandwich with cheese" or "Sandwich with ham" than dare not count on me
(That is a joke... :3)

Will you enforce the rules without being aggressive?:
I will, indeed.

Just on side, Chiptune.


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