Author Topic: Streagars Moderator & Architect application  (Read 30 times)


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Streagars Moderator & Architect application
« on: May 21, 2012, 07:21:54 am »
IGN:  streagar
Age: 20
Tell us about yourself: As mentioned im 20 years old, currently doing a 4 year course on Graphic Design at university, although at the time of writing this i'm on my summer holidays, 4 Months :D so i'll have a fair amount of time im able to dedicate to tasks. I enjoy most sports...not that im particularly great at them, badminton is perhaps one of my favourites as well as mountain boarding, although since my friend bust his knee and elbow i've not been quite so much. I do spend a lot of time at my computer either browsing the front page of the internet, playing with small adobe projects or playing games such as minecraft, BF3 or when it comes out Guildwars 2.

What experience do you have moderating/admin/gamemastering?:
Admittedly very little, i've never been a mod on a server before, however I have helped Mods out and I believe I am a reasonable guy, I like to help people to the best of my abilities, however if someone is to step out of line and break the rules then I can respond appropriately.
What is your knowledge level of using different server plug-ins?:
As mentioned I have not been a mod on a server before so I have little experience with server plug-ins, however I'm willing and fast to learn.
How many hours can you provide to the server?:
At the moment I would be able to provide a good amount of time as there is little else for me to be focusing on, so 4-5 minimum daily. Of course this would be subject to change should I get a summer job and when university starts again. But if ans when these occur I will do everything within my power and reason  to make sure duties get done.
What time zone do you live in?:
GMT + 1:00 United Kingdom
Will you be able to handle stressful situations?:
I believe I can handle stressful situations well, it takes a lot to push me over the edge, which rarely occurs. I approach situations calmly, find the cause of the stress and then address it appropriately. I know not to openly address these situations in the public forums and they should be kept to PMs to avoid spamming the forum thread.
Will you enforce the rules without being aggressive?:
I personally don't like aggressive stances when approaching problems, I find it often results in misunderstandings and can blow the situation way out of proportion. So yes I believe I would enforce rules with a level head and without aggression.
Do you have experience in World Edit and/or Voxel Sniper?:
I have experience with World Edit only in creative single player, i'll admit there is definitely more for me to learn when using it and hopefully this would happen through being involved in projects with this community and my own single player projects. I've not used Voxel Sniper before, i've read about it and have some very basic knowledge of what to expect with it, but im willing to learn.

What experience do you have in this field?:
I really like creating random structures on creative mode as well as generating new maps or downloading custom maps so that I can create something in an environment instead of just on flat ground. My experience comes mostly from single player mode, however I have been on a couple server and helped to create structures as well as my own.
Are you better at interior or exterior building?:
I would say im better at exterior building, however im never afraid to try my best and work on interior. Most of the time I will create something that will never be used or be seen by others so interior normally gets pushed aside for other things.
How long have you built creatively in minecraft?:
I have been building creatively in minecraft since the creative mode was released by mojang, before this I used mods in single player such as Too Many Items, which essentially was creative mode, however these builds were lasting as it took much longer.
Are you willing to change and/or revise your builds?:
Definitely, I believe revising builds is a vital part of a project,  i'll often finish something and then remove half of it and rebuild it with slight modifications. So i'm happy to take on board what others say about builds and alter them accordingly.
Provide a photo or video of your best projects:
I'll come back with a small video or a link some images shortly. :D

-Do you swear, to never abuse your powers, to never act out in a way that may cause harm, be it intentional or not -- that your first and foremost priority is the well being of that of the server, its people and maintaining an air of friendliness. You also may be called upon to use your skills to help community members in their builds and must help them with patience and understanding. After agreeing to these terms, you agree to the right that any infringement of these rules grant us the right to do as we wish in punishment and examination. - I fully understand and will do my utmost best to ensure that rules are not borken, I never abuse my power and bring harm to players or the server, and if I do so then I am willing to accept the appropriate punishment.

-Do you swear, to never abuse your powers, to never act out in a way that may cause harm, be it intentional or not -- that your first and foremost priority is the well being of that of the server, its people and maintaining an air of friendliness? - (is this not the same as the previous one?) Non the less I swear to never abuse my powers, never act in a way that will bring harm to those of the community or the server and that my first and foremost priority is the well being of the server and maintaining an air of friendliness.

Thank you for taking time to read this.
-NinjaTurtles :D

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Re: Streagars Moderator & Architect application
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2012, 02:20:02 pm »
Welcome to LAXMCG Forums Streagar!!

You sound like you have a cool little college life going :D This community is more of a fall back where we can all see each other and work on projects, while helping each other out by discussing the various aspect associated with said projects. The warehouse is our hub of creativity which is marked off in districts for ease of use and refrence. The rest of the server is a rotating selection of different maps and gameplay styles from rp, citybuild challenges, adventure maps, faction pvp maps, to generic survival. Our playerbase fluctuates as we go from private to public at times to try out our maps. You are applying for staff with is a permanent position with LAXMCG.

As this server is private atm, there is little need for moderators. But frequency of visits and player/staff involvement from you will affect our decision to make you mod or not.

As far as being a builder, you are accepted as temp architect. If you are not so good at building you may be demoted for organizational purposes. But your building skill isnt a factor for being on the server and doing your own thing.

As we are coming up upon an RP making era, I will link you to the ultimate RP brainstorm:!!/