Author Topic: Tit4nNL's Architect Application  (Read 32 times)


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Tit4nNL's Architect Application
« on: April 27, 2012, 10:23:10 pm »
IGN: Tit4nNL (pronounced: Titan NL)
AGE: 20
LOC: Groningen, The Netherlands
DOB: 27th of Januari

Hello People at LAX-Gaming!
Special thanks to Obsidianglen to send me a PM on the MCF asking me to apply!

My name is Michael and I am, as above stated, 20 years old.
I am from the Netherlands and yes, we have weed/pot/whatever, and no, I won't buy it for you.
I don't really have much to say I guess other than that I am, even if I say so myself, very creative.
I love architecture in general. Its not something I would make a job off, although there is a chance I am going to do Civil Engineering Education
Eehm... I speak english quite well, although I make some grammar mistakes sometimes. But nothing to worry about.
I have a lot of experience in architecture, that being in minecraft, other creative games, and real life.
I usually have a preference over Exterior building rather then Interior, but I can manage to put a lot in the tiniest spaces, for as far as minecraft allows you to ofcourse.
Ive built creatively probably since I found out there were give commands. I think I started doing so somewhere around when players, and mobs didn't even have health.
I can take constructive critisism very well, mostly. Ofcourse, if theres something wrong about the critisism not being constructive anymore, I tend to Constructivly Critisize the Critisist back. If that made any scence.
I suppose I'd just link my photobucket so you can scroll thourgh the images. I must warn you though. A LOT of it is pretty old, so it's a lot worse then what I am currently Capable of.

Ive made a LOT more then that, but I usually don't make screenshots of it, couse I don't care for bragging up about it. Not offence to anyone ofcourse.


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Re: Tit4nNL's Architect Application
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2012, 01:00:10 pm »
Yes hello Titan! I hope that you will like what we have here. We could have alot more. You joined in a strange time, but a good one to work on preliminary ideas for a role-playing map. We are going for something simple, but well built. Until then we will let you join staff to have a limited choice of commands. Once you get involved on a build you'll have the necessary permissions. Thanks for applying & Welcome to LAX