Author Topic: Adventures in Cerilia: The Great Rift of Bara-Kur  (Read 277 times)


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Brectur Lore
« on: May 26, 2012, 01:21:49 am »
 The Brectur people are a hardy group of humans who live in the southern part of the great black sea. The winters are cold and windy, but the area enjoys peaceful long summers almost every year. Brectury has two distinct cultures, Jorvik & Svinka. These kingdoms are separated by the great Brecca Bay. Jorvik being the militant industrious people, while Svinka are more liberated and revere science above all. Together they form a strong nation who has been able to survive this age well.

The Brect are a mix of cultures. Originally, Ryjurik marauders first settled Svinka, later Jorvik. (emulating the Scandinavian movements irl) Svinka became a thriving center for enlightenment with the construction of the great library in Brindonsford. Svinkin Sooth Sayers are seen throughout the world as excellent problem solvers and advisers. Jorvik being taken from a previous native tribe, is more militant. Jorvik is also alot larger in land area then Svinka.

((Lore References: Viking/Norse with German technologies and engineering. Northern European. Early Saxons.))
                                      Brect Political Structure:

United Kingdom of Brectany
Jorvik Highking - King of Svinka
Princes, Dukes, Lords & Landowners
Merchant Class
Commoners, Military
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