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Plan your events for Heroes of Abrynis here!

Ok, here's my plan for a pirate RP quest. Your goal is to find a hidden treasure. Tis a standalone quest.

Step 1: Go to the tavern; hear a rumor that " an old hag down at the jail is shouting nonsense in the night.
Step 2: Go to the pirate's jail, and beat a parkour to get in through some good old pipes, maybe a fireplace. (the main entrance is locked)
Step 3: R.P. *you've resqued the man, and he tells you (coords of treasure dungeon)*
Step 4: You go through a dungeon, and get treasure, or a code to tell the admins for them to give you a prize.

*The Sceptre of Obad-Hi; Quest*
Here is my idea for a quick dungeon quest we can all take part in this weekend.

Goal: To find the dungeon and escape with the Sceptre of Obad-Hi.
Treasure: The Holy Sceptre of Obad-Hi, the god of weather.
Challenge: Surviving the harsh weather and desert heat; soldiering through the dungeon/tomb to find the sceptre.

Plot: A crazed treasure hunter ran screaming into Brindonsford today. He claimed that he had witnessed a creation of the mighty Obad-Hi and believed that a great treasure is within. No one knows what this treasure is, but the Hunter believes it to be the Sceptre of Obad-Hi, one of the great relics!

  He also believes that if a pack of brave heroes were to join him that they can take the sceptre and put it to their own use.


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