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I loved Dune. I really enjoy the idea of a colonial theme though, seeing that not many RP's are set during that time. They always seem to hover about medieval or future time periods. I think a colonial theme would have a bunch of new ideas to work with. Not to mention there were still vast empires with imperialistic polices back then so it could possibly keep the same Kingdomey feel of medieval RPs. Ill think more about this and present it later.

Sounds good, lets mix up imperialism, and the age of exploration ((spoiler alert)) PoK is now IoK islands of Kalagdor. And they are making the same game we would be... -derp-

Ok, i thought of another idea. It still has the colonial era but there's a slight twist.

Setting/plot: Its is the mid 1700s.Humanity's greed has consumed all natural resources that lie upon the surface of the world.  The lakes and rivers have gone dry,the forests and jungles are now barren grasslands. Wood and water are now more precious than gold. There was nowhere for humans to go but down.  The surface cities are now ghost towns that were picked clean of everything that can be salvaged for wood. The new countries have built extensive tunnel networks and underground cities to avoid the rain which has become so toxic due to the massive amount of pollution. In these underground cities, the kingdoms have built small underground groves with the few remaining saplings left. The water supply is maintained only by finding underground springs. The age of exploration has filled in the corners of the map but none dare to risk the surface world's perils.

Keep the ideas comin'! The single most popular idea on this thread WILL be used for our next project :DD

I can't think of any good ideas right now, although I would be willing to help with the build. Hit me up.


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