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Here I want to discuss different ideas and games possible on a role-playing map. This thread is not for the ones of the light RP nature. We want to develop unique ideas, sometimes simple, sometimes complex. I am also open to redefining the most commonly played games and maps other servers offer. Lets see the ideas flowing and share an discuss the most appealing ones to you.

Just to get things started I will list off some of the ideas floating around now.

- Asteroids! Explorations. Astro-miners live out the daily grind in a life above Neptune. Can you rise in the ranks of the company and one day become CEO. Asteroids! offers space travel via portals where players discover what lies beneath their quest for diamonds.

- The 5 Guilds of the high seas. Colonists arrive in a world dominated by exploitation and exploration. A new land is found far away from civilized life. Beware, for some have gone off on their own and have become thieves and pirates. Pvp events will feature ship to ship battle!!

- The Solstice of Midnight. The story of the old empire gone into disrepair. Once the rulers of Anduria, the empire fades into darkness as the rise of undead plague the lands. A massive army that is reminiscent of the glory days is assembled to fight this plague. Can the kingdom of Sonnia rise once again? Will they restore the light into darkness? This map will be made as a multiplayer adventure map. Using events and carefully crafted dungeons to lead the players into the dark corners of their lands.

- Iron Horse. Is the story of a new time of wondrous machinery and exploration. The barons of industry have opened up a new land to the empire. The resources are plenty and the lands are vast. The only problem it is already inhabited. The people of the old ways claim these lands to be sacred. Can the old ways survive the charge of the Iron Horse?

- Element Rising. Tribes following Several different gods are led into a new existence in a strange land. They follow their gods in the pursuit of enlightenment and build great monuments into the heavens. What tribe will create the most massive structure?

- The Great Rift. A huge rift in the earth over 150 meters high is the center of a thriving forest full of life. The local tribes revolve around an annual race into the rift. Who will bring the shaman the egg of an enderdragon and bring his tribe honor and respect of the people.

I quite like the 'Iron Horse', 'Solstice of Midnight' and 'Element Rising' idea. You could even combine those.

One faction or tribe chooses technology over all else ( Iron Horse ), another one chooses nature, the elements ( Element Rising )and the last one is perhaps a magical, religious or even 'midnight' faction ( Solstice of Midnight ).

Also, hi :D

Welcome to the forums Skib!! I'll add you to the whitelist when I get home today... :DDD

Hmm we could possibly combine Iron Horse,Asteroids, and 5 Guilds. Different companies vying for claims on a planet rich of natural resources. The locals and the other companies serve as obstacles to each guild. However this seems to remind me a bit too much of Dune. ( Whereas the companies are the equivalent of the Harkonnens and the Atreides and the locals are the Arrakeen.

Yeah that does sound like dune. Dune is a great book btw :DD Guildcraft? lol. Im going to stay away from futuristic or modern. Im feeling like living in the past...


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