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« on: September 30, 2012, 10:27:28 am »
Owner/CEO: SKABO55


Director/Global Moderator:Hand Picked to lead the Mods & Make Server wide decisions.

Lead Architect Will have the final say in what looks good. Manages Staff and Junior-Staff in major builds. His Approval is good for any change to any build. Also in charge of Staff conduct and management.

Architect - Are the workhorses of buildings in the server. Leads Junior-Staff in constructing buildings to cover an area. Must have some knowledge with WorldEdit(Training Available). Is responsible to create structures, blocks, urban areas, village, towns, cities, etc. in accordance with with the Lead Architects Guidelines. If none are presented, then small scale decisions may be made by an Architect.

Redstone Technician Knowledge of Redstone needed. You must be well versed in this field.
Terraformer - Knowledge of terraforming with WorldEdit. Use of Voxel Lite. Handcrafted terrain editing. Must take orders from the owner  or Leads directly. Also will be the landscape artist in urban locations.

General Staff - Default Staff Position, if not posted above ^^ then it is assumed Staff members are General Staff. Are able to listen to directions and order from those above you. Staff are trusted with maintaining an air professionalism and have full server permissions. Joining staff isnt for everyone.

NOTE: All positions above are ^^ OFFICIAL ^^ staff positions. Any below are non-game development related.

Moderator:[/size] Will take care of players' needs and enforce the rules.

Junior Staff - Are to listen Full Staff members. Must not start their own projects without approval. Minimal WorldEdit Powers are added. Is expected never to use staff powers in any way to "cheat" a legitimate map. Demotion from Staff will happen if expectations are not met.
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