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I wanted to start a discussion about what direction the "look" of LAX Gaming is going to be. I have some ideas, but im open to any input.

m ideas:
- A professional stylized CGI look. If you go here: >><< The small Icon of Obsidia is what im talking about.
- Possibly use music such as dubstep, drum and bass, and glitch to promote videos. We will be dedicated to providing a unique minecraft video experience.
- Use 3D objects, high quality lighting (Dynamic Lighting, optifind), and flashy after effects.
- Create animations with plotlines and story.
- Create videos that get lots of hits!!

- Obsidian Glen
SO PLEASE, go ahead and state your opinion :D

BTW: I would like to see you link some videos that look ridiculously awesome. We can take ideas and pointers on what is cool.

I am working on getting a friend of mine to possibly make us a logo and work on some site design.

You can see some of his work here. Remember this was also 9 months ago.

Nice I like it, its crisp and clean.

Id like to see something a little dirtier. I think LittleBigServer might give me media advertising rights. So we'll see how this meeting goes.


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