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Sugestons needed!


Kaos---  hey i need sugestons for a good amount of things if you could leave a sugeston for any of the catogories that would be great!

1.Possible Shirt Designs?

2. community game nights like when and what game?

3. if we do, do a podcast would any one be intrested?

4. Youtube series, like what and with who?

5. Building custom maps outside of the server: what kind and who would be intrested?

Thanks Alot for going though this


These are great suggestions kaos! I hope more people respond since this community needs your support to stay alive.

In regards to your questions:
1. Maybe some kinda of logo design 1st?
2. This depends on our playerbase. I find that its easier to plan game nights when the server is more active.
3. We still need to gear up our advertisement campaign. Style is possibly a big factor. I would like to lay down a guidelines to what type of music we select. What your minecraft personas will reflect, etc. (This discussion I will extend to another post)
4. Again, this goes with what I just said ^ ^
5. We already have a decent amount of people who are skilled map makers in our community. Talk to FIXER, PROJECTRAY, or VARLS about this.


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